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MEET THE creator and MAKER

Melissa Sutherland  

dipHe . Bsc(hons) .  pgcert


I'm Melissa; founder, formulator and maker here at Cotswold Caress Aromatherapy and Botanical Skincare. You may have met me at fairs around the Cotswolds, or spoken on the phone. I love meeting and getting to know my customers because without you I’d have no business. I strive to keep things grounded, personal and authentic. 

My life-long passion is researching and understanding natural ingredients and pure essential oils, formulating and experimenting with new ideas, and handmaking products
that I bring to you with the ultimate aim of naturally enhancing your daily wellbeing.  
This is why I do what I do, and I can’t see myself ever stopping!
I’ve recently finished a Diploma in Aromatic Science at The Tisserand Institute.
This has deepened my essential oil understanding on a therapeutic level,
and sparked new ideas, so watch out for new creations!


I am qualified in Clinical Aromatherapy and Aromatic Science, with a background in Microbiology and Mental Health Nursing. So a rather eclectic career path to date, but my journey to aromatherapy and making products started way back in childhood.
Growing up in rural Worcester/Herefordshire, I often had occupy myself. It was a chance find of 'Kitty Little's book of Herbal Beauty' at a jumble sale that set me on my path. Reading this I was then scouring the hedgerows and raiding gardens for plants to make potions with. I remember my first creation, it was a hair rinse for dark hair made from Rosemary, Nettles and Sage - enthusiastically tried out by my Dad! And so my interest was born and continued to grow, along with the thirst for new knowledge and the book collection that still adorns my office shelves today.

Post school saw me to Aberystwyth University where I studied Microbiology (I became interested in this when some potions when 'off and smelly' very quickly) and I spent the next decade working in research and quality control in both the animal and plant health sectors. Experience and knowledge I gained here has been invaluable for product formulation, preservation and the quality and regulation side of a cosmetic business.
A career change saw me Mental Health Nursing and alongside this I properly reignited my love of plants and their healing potential by qualifying in Clinical Aromatherapy. During my time nursing (18 years in all) I was able to introduce Aromatherapy and wellbeing initiatives into several NHS mental health care settings.

Infusions 4.jpg

And so I found myself constantly updating my knowledge about plants, essential oils and their beneficial properties, and mixing various things for both mental and physical health. This is what 'floated my boat' and in 2006 (after many hours researching and fulfilling cosmetic regulations) I began selling my first products at Cirencester Craft Market - and my small business was born. 
It is constantly evolving to offer more products to meet customer needs, and to offer aromatherapy support and advice for those interested in this particular complementary therapy for wellbeing. 

Today I am very happy to be in a position where I can combine my scientific experience, mental health nursing experience, aromatherapy training and my childhood love of creating and making potions into a full-time business that I can work around family. Read about my business ethos here.

I really hope you enjoy my products and feel the love and uniqueness
that has gone into every single one.
You are what makes it all worthwhile and I thank you for your support.

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