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The perfect way to scent your home and environment, and get the natural therapeutic benefit of pure essential oils at the same time! Do not stain and can be spritzed onto soft furnishings, carpets, bed linen etc. Also very popular with therapists who use them to create desired ambience in treatment rooms.

Choose from the classic Aromatherapy blends to suite your need.
(this product is not intended for direct application to skin/body)

100ml  atomiser top bottle

Room and Linen Mist


Classic, ever popular blends:

  • Sleep Well – Gently drift to the land of slumber and stars with LAVENDER, YLANG YLANG and VETIVER.
    A soothing, relaxing and calming blend
  • Chill Out – Let go of everyday stresses and strain with ORANGE, YLANG YLANG and FRANKINCENSE.
    A relaxing yet gently cheering blend.
  • Revive – Recharge and revitalise the whole self with GERANIUM, ROSEWOOD and ROSEMARY.
    A gently energising and uplifting blend.
  • Equilibrium – Balance and harmonise the whole self with LAVENDER, GERANIUM, PETITGRAIN and PATCHOULI
    A balancing and relaxing blend. Hugely popular.
  • Breathe - Take a deep breathe....relax and refresh the whole self with FRANKINCENSE, NIAOULI, EUCALYPTUS and LEMONGRASS
    A refreshing blend to clear the airways, yet also relaxing and calming

Inspired by the Seasons:

  • Spring - A soft aroma bursting with Spring freshness. PEPPERMINT, LEMONGRASS, EUCALYPTUS and BASIL.
  • Summer - Relax and chill with the aroma of Summer fruits and flowers.GERANIUM, LAVENDER, BERGAMOT, PALMAROSA, and YLANG YLANG.
  • Autumn - A time for quiet reflection. Inspired by fallen leaves and the aroma of the forest floor. CEDARWOOD, BLACK SPRUCE, PETITGRAIN and CINNAMON BARK.
  • Winter - Warming and spicy to chase away the cold. CINNAMON LEAF, MANDARIN, ORANGE and GINGER.
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