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Intensive cream made with plant oils and amaranth seed extract to leave hands feeling nourished and soft.  Gardener hand cream is ideal for hands that have become a bit dry and sore. It comes with either the fresh, clean aroma of  lavender and tea tree, used for their antiseptic properties, or the more subtle citrusy aroma of lemon and myrrh, which are ideal for soothing and supporting cracked skin . Not greasy and easily absorbed - also loved by potters! 

100gr jar

Hand Cream Gardener


What's in it and why

Plant oils/butters - packed with omega 3 oils and vitamins and chosen to condition, nourish and provide extra protection against harsh environments.
Shea butter - a rich, nourishing butter that supports the growth of healthy skin cells. It is soothing and has excellent moisture-retaining properties, making the skin refreshed and very soft and supple. It is produced sustainably by a women's cooperative in Ghana, so supporting local families and economy.
Sunflower oil - Rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid required for healthy skin. Nourishes and softens skin, is easily absorbed, makes the cream 'light' and enhances absorption of other ingredients.
Jojoba - Keeps skin soft and hydrated by preventing trans dermal water loss. Protects and acts a barrier to harsh conditions.
Rice bran oil - Rich in omega 6 and 9 and tocopherols, it is an excellent moisturiser. Soothes, conditions and protects damaged skin.

Plant extracts - for added intensity.
Amaranth seed extract - ideal for dry and problem skin as it deeply nourishes so promotes smoother, softer skin. 
Pure essential oils - Chosen for their soothing and antiseptic skin care properties. Lavender and Tea Tree give this cream a 'clean', fresh aroma. Or for a subtle citrusy aroma choose Lemon and Myrrh.

Emulsifiers and stabilisers - Needed to 'hold' oil and water together as a cream and keep it stable. Have skin moisturising properties and improve product feel on the skin. All are derived from plants, either coconut or rapeseed.

Preservative - Has to be included, otherwise the product would go mouldy in days. The one used in this product is suitable for skin cream, is palm-free, vegan and biodegradable.

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