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Enjoy a soak in luxurious bubbles and aromatic aroma. Made simply with pure essential oils and gentle cleansing, moisturising ingredients derived from natural sources.
Choose from the classic aromatherapy blends to suite your bath mood and enhance your wellbeing!

200ml glass bottle

Refill sizes now available.
If you want to reuse and refill your bottle you can now buy in 500ml or 1 litre sizes at a great price. These are in plastic bottles due to shiooing weight and breakage risk but they can be recycled in normal household recycling.

Bubble Bath


Choose from the Classic, ever popular blends:

Sleep Well – Gently drift to the land of slumber and stars.
Vetiver . Lavender . Ylang
A soothing, relaxing and calming blend

Chill Out – Let go of everyday stresses and strain.
Sweet orange and Frankincence
A relaxing yet gently cheering blend.

Revive – Recharge and revitalise your whole self.
Geranium . Rosewood . Rosemary
A gently energising and uplifting blend.

Equilibrium – Balance and harmonise your whole self.
Lavender . Geranium . Petitgrain . Patchouli
A balancing and relaxing blend. Hugely popular.

Refresh - Uplift and enliven your whole self.
Eucalyptus . Basil . Juniper berry
A fresh and stimulating blend.

Love Lavender - Simply Lavender, the versatile all-rounder. Lavender
Relaxing, calming and soothing.

Ultimate Calm - Calm and soothe a busy mind.
Bitter Orange (fruit) . Petitgrain (leaves) . Neroli (flower)
A gorgeous blend of essential oils from the same tree.

For Him - Blended with men in mind for all-round body care.
Cedarwood . Frankincense . Patchouli
A relaxing, calming and grounding blend.

Muscles – Soothe tired and overworked muscles. 
Ginger . Rosemary . Eucalyptus
A warming and invigorating blend.

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