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This face wash has a beautiful floral aroma and leaves skin feeling amazingly soft, supple and refreshed. It's gentlly foaming and has a skin friendly pH. Made with flower waters, chicory, papaya and cucumber to gently cleanse pores, soothe, tone and moisturise.
Suitable for all skin types. Fast becoming a firm favourite!

200ml (regular) pump top bottle or
100ml (small) pump top bottle

Cleanse Face Wash


What's in it and why

Flower hydrolates (Waters)
Rose and Neroli 
- hydrolates are produced during the steam distillation of the flowers to obtain the essential oil. They are the water 'by product' so contain all the water soluble goodness from the flowers. Rose and Neroli hydrolates are extremely soothing, calming and moisturising on the skin. Also mildly astringent they are good toners. These are what give the wash it's beautiful, delicate aroma.

Plant extracts and actives
 - gently removes dead skin cells  through a natural peeling action, leaving a smoother and brighter complexion.
Cucumber - moisturises and tones, refreshes and revitalises skin.
Chicory root - conditioning agent that gives skin a silky smooth feel. 

Natural surfactant 
- a very mild yet foaming surfactant that is effective for cleansing even sensitive skin. Free from sulfates, it is derived from coconut and corn.
Natural fat restorer - softens and conditions the skin. It replaces the skin fat/lipid layer that may be disturbed when using a wash product. Free from sulfates, it is derived from coconut and sunflower.
Preservative - required to prevent micobial growth. This product contains preservative that is palm free and suitable to preserve a cleansing product made at a skin friendly pH.

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