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This natural vitamin lip balm keeps lips in tip top condition all year round. Made with plant butters and oils, and a good dose of natural Vitamin E and Carotene, it nourishes, conditions and protects lips, keeping them soft and supple. 
Choose from Peppermint or Orange flavour if you like a bit of taste in your balm, or choose natural if you just want a balm with no extra taste.

5gr tube

Lip Balm


What's in it and why

Plant Oils/butters
Sweet Almond Oil - Well known for softening and soothing lips.
Olive Oil - A very fatty oil that is deeply conditioning and nourishing. Protects skin from the elements.
Cocoa butter - Gives the balm consistency, also moisturises and protects skin.

Give the balm that extra punch.
Natural Vitamin E deeply nourishes and softens lips. The vitamin E used here is extracted from non GM crops, mainly sunflower.
Carotene brightens and helps combat dryness. It is produced in the UK from rapeseed and corn oils. 

- produced in UK and not refined in anyway. This forms a natural protective but breathable barrier on the lips and also gives the balm consistency.
Pure essential oil - A small amount is added to give balm flavour.
Rosemary Leaf Extract - antioxidant, improves shelf life and freshness.

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