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This Intensive salve containing bisabolol and vitamin E sorts out even the most chapped and dry lips. 
It nourishes, conditions and protects, keeping lips soft and supple all year round. Lightly flavoured with peppermint.

It's also suitable for other small patches of dry skin.

Jar 25gr. Lasts for ages!
Also available in pocket size slider tin (10 gr)

Lip Fix


What's in it and why

Plant Oils/Waxes
Rice bran oil and wax  - softens lips, good emolient, locks in moisture, protects and gives balm consistency. 
Sweet Almond - nourishes, softens and soothes lips.
Castor - nourishing, gives lips healthy shine. High in Vit E.
Jojoba - Very soothing, locks in moisture, keeps lips soft and hydrated.

Plant Actives/Vitamins
Bisabolol - a constituent of German Chamomile but can also be obtained from the Candeia tree. Incredibly soothing and calming on the skin, lessens skin reddness and irritation. Gives lips healthy shine. For sustainability reasons the bisabolol used here is a copy of the natural ingredient, but it has the exact same properties. 
Natural Vitamin E - deeply nourishes, softens and conditions lips. 
Rosemary Leaf Extract - a natural antioxidant added to help keep product fresh.
Peppermint essential oil - added for a little taste and freshness.

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