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Rollerball oils are perfect for the quick and easy application of essential oils. Apply to wrists, temples, forehead or behind ears as required, or simply inhale the aroma from the bottle!

Handy rollerball top means no spillage, and they are small enough to pop in bag or pocket. My children keep a couple in their school blazer pocket!

Choose an Aromatherapy blend to suit your need.

10ml rollerball bottle 

Rollerball Oils


Classic, ever popular blends:

Sleep Well – Gently drift to the land of slumber and stars.
Vetiver . Lavender . Ylang
A soothing, relaxing and calming blend

Chill Out – Let go of everyday stresses and strain.
Sweet Orange and Frankincence
A relaxing yet gently cheering blend.

Revive – Recharge and revitalise your whole self.
Geranium . Rosewood . Rosemary
A gently energising and uplifting blend.

Equilibrium – Balance and harmonise your whole self.
Lavender . Geranium . Petitgrain . Patchouli 
A balancing and relaxing blend. Hugely popular.

Refresh - Uplift and enliven your whole self. 
Eucalyptus . Basil . Juniper berry
A fresh and stimulating blend.

Breathe - Take a deep breathe....relax and refresh your whole self.
Frankincence . Niaouli . Eucalyptus . Lemongrass
A refreshing blend to clear the airways, yet also relaxing and calming.

Fresh Head - Soothe and clear a weary, foggy mind.
Lavender . Peppermint . Rosemary
A soothing yet refreshing blend.

Love Lavender - Simply Lavender, the versatile all-rounder.
Relaxing, calming and soothing.

Ultimate Calm - Calm and soothe a busy mind.
Bitter Orange (fruit) . Petitgrain (leaves) . Neroli (flower)
A gorgeous blend of essential oils from the same tree.

Blissful blends for mood and wellbeing:

Calm and Chill  - Restore tranquillity, balance and inner calm. 
Good for worry, churning thoughts and restlessness.
Petitgrain . Lavender .  Rose geranium . Cedarwood . Neroli

Settle and Compose - Ground, reassure and restore composure. Good for fly away thoughts, overthinking and restlessness.
Frankicense . Juniper berry . Patchouli . Vetiver 

Clarify and Motivate - Freshen mind and restore energy.
Good for mental weariness and block.
Black spruce . Rosemary . Peppermint . Basil 

Uplift and Cheer - Brighten mood and restore cheer.
Good for when feeling run-down, dull and sad.
Rock rose . Palmarosa . Frangipani . Bergamot . Grapefruit

Exquisite blends to ignite your soul:

Inspire - Ignite and promote the flow of ideas and intuition.
Neroli . Basil . Palmarosa . Rosewood
Inspired by a gentle summer breeze across rolling hills. 

Empower - Invigorate and restore clarity and energy.
Clary sage . Rose geranium . Frangipani . Cedarwood . Fennel . Peppermint . Rosemary 
Inspired by the seashore, cliffs and crashing waves.

Comfort - Comfort inner self and restore joy.
Sweet marjoram . Vetiver . Petitgrain . Neroli . Mandarin
Inspired by the calm and stillness of a Welsh lake and the passing of a dear one.

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