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This is a solid balm (perfume strength) version of the rollerball oil, created for people who prefer a non liquid product. Apply to wrists, temples, forehead or behind ears as required, or simply inhale the aroma from the pot! Small enough to pop in your bag or on the bedside table. I have the Breathe one next to my bed and Comfort in my bag!

Choose an Aromatherapy blend to suit your need. 
Currently available in Sleep Well and Breathe, Inspire, Empower and Comfort.

25gr jar that lasts for ages!

Perfume/Pulse Balm


Classic, ever popular blends:

  • Sleep Well – Gently drift to the land of slumber and stars with LAVENDER, YLANG YLANG and VETIVER.
    A soothing, relaxing and calming blend.

  • Breathe - Take a deep breathe....relax and refresh the whole self with  FRANKINCENSE, NIAOULI, EUCALYPTUS and LEMONGRASS
    A refreshing blend to clear the airways, yet also relaxing and calming.

A new range of exquisite blends to ignite your soul. Particularly nice to wear as perfume.

  • Inspire - Ignite and promote the flow of ideas and intuition. NEROLI . BASIL . PALMROSA . ROSEWOOD.
    Inspired by a gentle summer breeze across rolling hills.

  • Empower - Invigorate and restore clarity and energy. CLARY SAGE . ROSE GERANIUM . FRANGIPANI. CEDARWOOD . PEPPERMINT . FENNEL . ROSEMARY.
    Inspired by the seashore, cliffs and crashing waves.

  • Comfort - Comfort inner self and restore joy.
    Inspired by the calm and stillness of a Welsh lake.
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